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Do you have a document written in French that needs to be translated into English? Then you have come to the right place! I have honed my skills and instincts as a translator working for clients in Europe and the United States since 1996.

I consider translation to be a multi-stage process. To ensure a quality product, I conduct preliminary thematic and terminological research, as well as a thorough text review after translation. I welcome client input at the various stages of the project and will work on your document until you are satisfied.

I am well versed in the most common software applications on the market, including computer-assisted translation technology. I have a particular affinity for corporate communications, marketing and scientific texts, but I work in other subject areas as well.

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Are you planning a meeting or event that will be attended by French speakers? Are you organizing a multi-lingual conference? You are likely in need of an interpreter or a team of interpreters to facilitate oral communication. I have extensive training and experience as a simultaneous and consecutive interpreter. I can also help you put together a team of interpreters to cover languages other than French.

With simultaneous interpreting, or conference interpreting, the speaker's ideas are conveyed immediately and directly into the target language. This mode requires a team of two interpreters per language and specialized interpreting equipment.

Consecutive interpreting is an appropriate choice for business meetings, depositions and tours. In this mode, the trained interpreter takes notes and delivers her interpretation after the speaker has addressed the audience for several minutes.

To learn more about the different modes of interpretation, read here.

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Do you have a document that needs some stylistic punch or that needs to be adapted to a specific audience? Perhaps your text was not written by a native speaker and you want it to sound idiomatic. Or maybe you would like a second set of eyes to check your writing for grammatical accuracy. If so, let me have a pass at it!

I take pride in being a wordsmith and in crafting pithy copy that engages readers. Indeed, I have loyal clients who have been counting on me to pare down and enliven their writing for many years. You just might become one of them!

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Are you looking for something other than a French-English interpreter or translator? I have developed an extensive network of trusted colleagues over my 15 years in the language services businesses. I would be happy to refer you to another skilled professional.

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